Bristal Transfer Station

Bristal Hauling is proud to be a part of the following organizations in efforts to increase sustainability in Manitoba!





Bristal Hauling Inc.
405 Kuzenko Street
Niverville, MB
R0A 0A2

Regular Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM





Minimum Entrance Fee $10
Maximum of 5 bags – in vehicle or 1/2 ton truck $10
More than 5 bags of material – in vehicle or 1/2 ton truck $25
Utility trailer under 200 cubic feet $25
One ton truck or tandem trailers $75
Concrete $20/Ton
Shingles (35 shingles per bundle) $5/Bundle
Appliance with refrigerant $35
Passenger tires on rims $15 each
Co-mingled Recycling $10 min.
Mattress $15 each


FREE! The following items are accepted at no cost:

Fluorescent & CFL bulbs
Propane Tanks
Batteries (all sizes)
Appliance without refrigerant


*This is a residential use Transfer Station, commercial users are subject to different pricing*
*All construction material and all loads more than 500 kg are charged by weight*
*Insecure loads can be charged a maximum of $50 on top of dumping fees*
*Pre-cut Freon / A/C / Refrigerant lines will NOT be accepted*

Residential Garbage Pick Up Schedule